Theme installation, preparation and testing starting from just 150 €

You receive a fully operating, ready-to-go e-commerce solution based on PrestaShop or thirty bees. There are no restrictions, no limits, everything depends on your wishes, FAQ included, etc

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We will take
care of

  • PrestaShop or thirty bees installation on your server
  • Installation and configuration of the theme you choose. How the theme will look like in DEMO.
  • We will install free or official payment gateways.
  • We will install free or official carriers, help you set them up.
  • A SEO instruction on how to create products, SEO URLs and descriptions will be provided.
  • Unlimited and unrestricted use of our private FAQ.
  • We will hide/remove or adjust theme modules or their parts.
  • Necessary localization packs, languages and currencies will be installed.
  • Excessive testing and system check will be done before launch.

Why should you choose a theme?

Main advantages:

  • QUICK SHIP-TO-MARKET TIME – it is the best way to experiment or be the first ones in the market with a simple, yet powerful solution.
  • CHEAP INITIAL COSTS – you get a fully operating e-shop without any restrictions.
  • VARIETY OF THEMES – you can choose from thousands of themes from different marketplaces.
  • ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE – every theme can one day become a unique e-commerce solution.

Why it is not worth to rent it?

  • YOU ARE THE OWNER – you can easily change the developer or service provider if you want to.
  • SET UP COST IS THE SAME AS YEARLY COST OF RENT, however, the e-shop is still yours after a year.
  • IF YOU EXPAND, YOU WILL NOT NEED TO CHANGE THE PROVIDER usually migrating from a rented solution is very expensive and tyou will lose some functionality

Why PrestaShop?

  • OPEN SOURCE – no proprietary licences, no restrictions, no limits.
  • ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SOLUTIONS – a leader in Europe and USA markets.
  • DOZENS OF MODULES – all most popular services usually have free or cheap modules to use.
  • ACTIVELY DEVELOPED – big community.
  • SECURE AND RELIABLE – there was no real threat to its core.

Why us?

  • PIONEERS – we have been working with PrestaShop since 2008.
  • HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS – there is no "good enough" for us.
  • EXCLUSIVE ADDITIONAL VALUE – every client gets exclusive attention from our team.
  • LEADERS ARE WITH US – we are partners and developers of industry leaders.