Our mission and values

Our mission and values

We are PrestaRockRock solid e-commerce solutions. After 4 years in the field, time has come to update our mission statement and core values.

Mission statement:

To help our customers manage e-commerce related processes and increase e-shop sales.


  • TRANSPARENCY. A clear work process, transparent rates and work assessment, accountability for mistakes.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PROGRAMMING SOLUTIONS. Even if it takes us more time, solutions are applied the correct way, by all the rules and with existing best practices in mind.
  • AN EXTRA MILE. No matter what we do, we always go the extra mile, whether in the form of an additional consultation, a correction, or an offer: we will always provide you with all the possible options, arguments and choices, and we will help you decide and advise you along the way.
  • PARTNERSHIP. We do not claim a part of your profit, but we view our clients as partners. Thus, we strive to go beyond the usual client-contractor relation and become our customers’ trusted partners. Our goal is to create added value for you.
  • RESULT. We put the result above the process because being efficient does not mean doing a lot, rather doing what is needed to be done.