Advanced and smart PrestaShop import/export module

Compatible with thirty bees e-commerce platform.

One-of-a-kind, unique and custom PrestaShop (including thirty bees) products and stock import module. The module can import data from various data sources such as Restful API (JSON), SOAP API (XML), uploaded documents (CSV, XLS), etc.

How it works?

Module architecture

  • XML
  • csv
  • API
  • WS
  • xls
    You decide when to upload and execute import
    Accountant or other system


Why is it so special?

  • The dodule is created in such a way that it makes no difference whether you update PrestaShop (or thirty bees) or not. The module itself also does not have an impact on the ability to update PrestaShop.
  • Fully compatible with every other default and third-party module or theme.
  • The module automatically informs the merchant about synchronization by email.
  • You can check daily and nightly statuses from the back office anytime.
  • You can manually execute all or one synchronization.
  • We are automatically informed if a bug occurs during import.
  • The module is smart, so it does not stop on errors or if the provider sends corrupted data.
  • Ability to disable some parts of synchronization. For example, you can choose not to update texts, photos or any other part of the product if you do not want to.
  • Nightly and daily synchronizations or both.
  • Manually execute synchronization.
  • Automatically disables products without stock.
  • You can choose not to update some parts of product information.
  • You can have different category tree than the provider has
  • Three ways to increase price based on your wholesale price (by category, by provider, by product price).
  • Prioritize increase on wholesale price..
  • Every data source can be added to the module: XML, CSV, XLS, etc.
  • Automatic notifications on errors and synchronizations.
  • Does not impact PrestaShop modules or themes, ability to update the e-commerce platform easily.

Basic features of PrestaShop (thirty bees compatible) import module

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